How to Fix the Developer Talent Shortage

Dave Hoover of Dev Bootcamp

Dave Hoover on coding bootcamps and how immersive learning environments are helping to fix the developer talent shortage. Plus: should you learn to code?

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 0:44 Why are software developers in such short supply?
  • 3:01 How do developer boot camps help solve the talent shortage?
  • 6:28 How do you onboard junior talent?
  • 8:11 Should I go to a coding school?
  • 11:45 How long does it take to become proficient as a software developer?
  • 15:43 Should I learn how to code as a non-programmer?
  • 21:58 How can I overcome a learning "hump"?
  • 26:23 What's the mark of a great developer?
  • 27:32 How can new developers effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical team members?
  • 29:53 Is there such a thing as a "10x engineer"?
  • 32:51 What's the best work environment for a recent bootcamp graduate?
  • 34:52 How can I support dev bootcamp graduates as an employer?

"Software can be written faster than software developers can be developed."

"You have to push all your other ideas away for awhile if you want to actually learn how to code."

"Software development is not a solo endeavor – it’s a team sport."

"Coming into software later means you’re able to retain empathy for non-technical people."

"I want most of our students to be supervised just like doctors leave med school and go to residency."